It’s been months since I read a book. How sad is that?

All I keep doing is adding the books I buy to my Goodreads account and think “Man, I really want to get back to this,” but have yet to!

The past week I have been really cracking down on my website and my personal development, which in the end will bring me towards what I really want to do- write (again).

I started a class that will teach me how to handle and to basically become a freelance writer, and let me tell you, nothing has ever excited me as much as this!

I never thought much of freelance writing when I was in school. Actually, I never really thought about what I would be doing for income after my I got my BA in Literature. But now, WHAM, it’s time to figure it out.


Life is now. I made it. School is over. Now what??

Freelance writing


I think before it just seemed too crazy and too big of a dream to be reachable. Getting paid to write for someone just seems silly. Like, why me?

But it’s actually happening.

So, to begin my journey, I have to get back into my books. Reading and Literature have always been my favorite topics to talk (blog) about. I love how I can read any book and it teaches me something. There’s no book out there (good or not) that while I read it, I gain nothing. I think I could make a career out of just saying that, to be honest.

Writing submissions to be published and writing specific pieces of text for businesses is going to be such a huge learning and growing period for me, I already know. In a way, I came into this career when I was 15 years old when I said I want to be a writer. Already then I was a writer. Already then, without knowing it, I had started my career.

Writing is a career that will never stop growing me. I think lots of careers actually stunt the growth of people, but with a career in creative arts, there can never be a limit to what you think and what you learn. This is why books fascinate me as much as they do, there will never be a book that’s just like another, and there will never be a limit as to how many books there can be written or a limit as to how many times it can be read or how many lives a book can touch.

This is why books fascinate me as much as they do. There will never be a book that’s just like another, and there will never be a limit as to how many books there can be written or a limit as to how many times it can be read. There’s no limit to how many lives a book can touch.

When I see all of these virtues in front of me, it has all the power to push me. Every time I pick up a book (which I said, has been a while) I feel the advantage I have to make my words meaningful but also publishable. It is so surreal to accept this, but it is happening.

What do you think? Comment and like!



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