Leap Year

I thought this was a leap year. March came too soon. Rent was due yesterday. Can I get an extra day, since I figured there was a February 29, 1998? That only makes sense. What I mean, really, is that it only seems fair.

Lots of people probably think the same thing every new year. There is hardly a warning when a leap year is coming, you can never remember how many years passed by since the last one, so it’s just as easy to assume this year the time is up.

I’ve got 2 years until then, I learned. 2 years until I can finally be done. In the year 2000, I will finally be let loose from paying rent, paying bills, trying to make a dollar, and even be done driving a car.

That’s what they told me at least. The next leap year it is happening. February 29th, my life will be wiped off the face of the earth, well, on paper it will be at least. No more running. No more hiding. No more hating every second of every day. I will be free.

Me and 13 other people. We were all promised the same thing. To get out.

Ever wondered why there is such a thing as a leap year? Why one day is added to the year every 4 years? Why is it even called a leap year?

Because people leap. They jump to another time. Another place. Sometimes to the same place but a better zone. I don’t really understand the zones yet, but they said I would soon. That it will be clear when I’m in one. When I am gone.

And I will be gone…


On the next leap year.






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