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Why do you like to read? How can you stay up so late and just read? How many books do you actually need? You’re going back to the bookstore? Didn’t you just go the other day? I hate reading, doesn’t it make you tired?

I have been asked these questions hundreds of times, just like any other book reader has. Getting lost in a story that causes you to lose track of time and forget about the world happening around you is purely fun. I often question why not everyone gets that.

My reading obsession started when I was 3 years old. If you had never met me at this time you would be convinced that I could actually read at this age. I would be around the house with a Dr. Suess book in hand and flip through the pages saying every word. But in fact I was not reading. Instead I had actually memorized every word as it had been read to me several times. I had all my cousins beat with these books because as they had been trying to learn to read and would struggle with every word, I could read it with no help.

Fast forward to my elementary and tween years, I read all Hank The Cowdog books AND The Hardy Boys. By the time I got to high school I had read all of the Series of Unfortunate Events books as well. I would often be walking from class or somewhere outside and be reading as I took every step. In High School, I spent a lot of time reading Ellen Hopkins books’, who is still my favorite author today. It was around my freshman year in college that I got my first Nook, and there was no stopping me after that.

So here I am. A college grad with a BA in Literature, and Graduate student studying Creative writing, and an over-joyed book blogger. Who knew you could make a career out of such a thing that Dr. Suess started us all out on? Empires have been built. Entertainment is no longer a luxury but an hourly occurance.

Barnes and Noble bookstores, half price books, the movie industry.

Authors, bloggers, students, poets.

Directors, agents, publicists, editors, publishers.

Movie theaters, television seasons, internet movies, online forums.

All are outcomes and relatives to the art of writing and the hobby of reading.

Words can’t be hated, we speak them everyday. Stories, although some really suck, are fascinating to say the least. When you are asked why you love reading, is it possible to have only one answer? As if there is a definition for a book-lover. Maybe you could ask the person instead, why do you think you don’t like reading? Because they actually do, in a way, when you think of all the things I just listed. Everyone likes movies, television and the media. There’s hardly a choice anymore not to like it. When a person says they hate books, they actually just hate the act of reading, so they think.

Being told you are obsessed with reading, now that’s totally true. Because I am. I made it my day job, how much more luxurious can that get? My favorite thing to do besides reading, writing about reading, re-arranging my bookshelf and doing absolutely nothing is go to a bookstore to get more books. I mean they are right, I am obsessed. And I am not sorry.

Tell me, are you obsessed? Are books the most fantastic thing in your life? Comment and say so.

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