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Chapter Excerpt 2, “My Son is Missing”

Squeezing the ketchup from the bottle, Sam remembered that her real name was actually Susan. It had been months since she used her real name to introduce herself, and when the waitress asked if her name was Susan, she replied with “No, sorry, my name is Sam,” without any brief hesitation.

Since her move 11 months ago, her new identity has really come forward through her public life, as well as her private one. This diner is the first of many steps he has made along the way to her bright future ahead in Kansas City.

The waitress comes by with the rest of Sam’s meal, as her fries with ketchup was only half of her order. A salad with extra dressing now sits in front of her. Sam wonders if new eating habits will help confirm her new identity of single and too busy for any man.


Men never bring anything good when they come around, Susan has experienced, but Sam doesn’t expect to learn that. Sam has new clothes, a new apartment, new car, and a new dog. Susan’s stuff is all gone, even her optimistic attitude that naive women sometimes have. Like her old stuff, the men are gone too. Not surprising, but Susan’s men were all not good enough for Sam.

That one guy may have been, but he’s gone now. Gone from where Susan now stands, completely out of sight.


Sam normally forgets that Susan is there, but coming back to this place has Sam’s mind all confused. Susan has been finding her way out more often on this trip, but soon Sam will be back on track towards the redemption she has been looking for for so long.

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