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Chapter Excerpt 3, “My Son is Missing”

“You’ll never get me to tell you where he is.”

Finally, I made it. I found him. I know he is here. I know she took him. I always knew. Why would no one help me?

He was here, in this house, with this woman. This is where he has been all this time.

I knew it was her. She took my husband too. Who does she think she is?

“He left you, Susan. He left you and took your son with him. You are too sick to take care of them, you can’t even take care of yourself. What did you expect?”

I don’t know what she’s talking about. I don’t remember anything. How does she know my real name? I haven’t been Susan in a long time.

I have seen her with them, with the doctors. I never understood who she was, and why she was holding my son.

Kevin left me? How could that be? We were married. We made vows, for better or for worse. I don’t remember what happened.

How worthless. What’s the point of marrying someone, making a commitment to love them forever, and choosing to leave anyway? Especially with my son!

This lady is nobody. She doesn’t know anything about Kevin or my son, and she definitely doesn’t know me.

“Where is he? Where is my son? Why did you take him from me?” I ask, wielding the bat at her.

“I won’t tell you. You will have to kill me first.”

Well, that’s do-able.

“My name is Sam!”

She sits there with a confused look on her face.

“I didn’t take him from you. You lost him, remember? You left him that day, and then they sent you to the psych ward.”

She’s lying. I would never leave my son. She took him. She took my son and my husband.

“I didn’t take anybody. You left your son. He was lost, and when Kevin found him, he decided then to take you to the hospital to keep your son safe.”

I take the bat and hit her over the right side of the head, making her fall over and hit her head on the hardwood floor, wailing.

“Shut up! You’re lying! Just shut up!”

She lays there for a few seconds before sitting back up, out of breath and bleeding from her nose. I can’t help but laugh. She has hurt me all this time; now it’s my turn to hurt her. She deserves it.

“If you don’t remember any of that, then what do you remember Susan? Do you remember the police showing up to the hospital and charging you with child endangerment? Do you remember taking your son to the park and leaving him there, because you thought he was still at home? You forgot you had taken him with you, Susan. Then you sat down and thought he was at home, and you left him there. He was alone for hours. Do you remember being served divorce papers in your hospital bed, restrained so you wouldn’t hurt yourself or any of your visitors?”

What she’s saying can’t be true. I do remember going to the park with my son, then after that only the hospital. I don’t know why I was sent there. Was I sick? Was there an accident? Kevin didn’t send me there; he wouldn’t.

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