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Excerpt 5, “My Son is Missing”

I finally got out of that place. It has been way too long.

I was released for showing “improvement” and “proving to be stable enough for the community.”

Circumstances being I see my doctor 3 times a week and stay away from my ex-husband and his family. That includes my son.


I’m going to find him. He is my son. Kevin can’t just take him from me, and neither can the Judge. I don’t care what they say I did. I would never hurt my son.

This is what happened:

Kevin was a good husband. He had a job, he paid the bills, and he loved our son.

He loved me too, once upon a time.

We met when I was 22; he was 24. I fell for him that day he helped me break into my car after I locked my keys in.

A perfect stranger in a grocery store parking lot, handsome and genuine. We dated 6 months and that’s all the time we needed to know we were meant for each other. We were married for 3 years, happily, until things started to slip. We cooked together; we laughed, we had date nights every Friday.

Seems so silly today knowing he’s saying the same thing to that other woman. He blames me for the breakup, everyone does, but it started with him.

I stopped sleeping.

He started working late, saying his boss was on him about paperwork.

Every night.

He told me not to worry, it was only work, and it was only temporary.

I didn’t sleep for 6 weeks.

He said I was losing my mind, that I was getting sick. Sick with something I couldn’t see. The type of sick that hurts other people and not me.

I started losing my hair. I couldn’t brush it anymore.

I had the same itch on my arm every single day, and it burned. He said it was just in my mind, and he taped me up, over and over.

He said I should talk to someone. I told him I was fine.

He was still staying late at work.

Now, I’ve been thrown in the hospital with my son taken away from me. And he ran off.

With her…

I knew I wasn’t crazy. It wasn’t me. It was him; he was sleeping with another woman all along. And I don’t understand. What happened? What was wrong? We had a good life, and beautiful son, and decent sex life. What was so special about her?

My son loved his dad, even though he didn’t love me anymore.

We fought, a lot. He thought I didn’t know he was sleeping with another woman, that I was just crazy and making it up to make myself feel better. I still don’t understand what he meant by that.

My son loved Kevin since the day he was born. Kevin always played with him, took him to the park, pushed him on the swing, even took him on business trips.

And left me at home, alone.

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