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Grad School and Book Writing…

For the last several years, I have been seriously struggling with what I want to do with my life. As some of my followers may know, I started college as a Journalism major, ready to take on the world with huge insight on society and huge aspirations to become a writer for a magazine.

After that 6 year-long dream came crashing down, thanks to something I call dreamers-block, I decided to change schools and change majors. At first, I wanted to be only a nurse. Now, not to say that being a nurse would be pathetic and a good way to sell-out of society’s evil dream-crushing tactics, but it would, for me, and any person that wanted to write as badly as I always have.

Later, I decided I still wanted to be a nurse, but didn’t want to give up on all the hard work I had put into my english/writing studies just the previous year ago. So, I was continuing college with a purpose to finish a BA in English Literature while taking my perquisites to later go to nursing school.

Finally, after 2 years wasted with taking exhausting and gap-ruining science classes, this semester I decided I am going to go to Grad school! For, well, something. Grad school has always been a thought floating around in my mind while nursing prerequisites seemed like such a good idea, but has never taken flight until now. I want to study English, maybe become a professor, but definitely become a writer. There, I said it, I want to be a writer! That has always been so impossible for me to say. I want to go to Grad school and pursing a writing career, while hopefully doing something else part time. Now, I’m not crazy, I know a career in writing is out-of-reach to so many people for so many reasons, but I think part of the reason why that is is because these people, who are destined to become writers, don’t know that they are! I didn’t think so until a few months ago, and here I am plotting my first book.

Right, I forgot to mention that I have also made another life-changing decision, I want to write books. Fiction, I mean. I want to write pieces of literature. I want to write creatively and it mean something, an idea that is completely different than the idea of writing that I had in high school.

So, to get to my point, I want to become a writer and in efforts to be one I have started writing. I have actually started writing. I started with stream of conscientiousness pieces, but have moved forward to plotting a novel that I hopefully can bring with me to grad school and develop it into a decent piece of fiction. I also have started a portfolio of all my writings from high school until now, and wonder if I should do more than that. I am a beginner, but I love every second of it!

Enough about me though, are any of you pursing the aspirations that I have? Any tips or advice? Any criticism?

Hope you are having a nice day, keep writing!

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