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Short Story Excerpt, “Embers”

The flowers that were once beautiful and peaceful are now wilted and burned, mostly red and foggy with no life left. Every year we would see the petals fall, the stems get weak, and eventually, all of the carnations would die along with the tiger lilies, the hydrangea shrubs, and blueberry bushes. Fall would come,… Continue reading Short Story Excerpt, “Embers”

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New Year’s Resolutions

Hello Friends! 2018 is going to be my year! How many people have you heard say that already? Well, for me, it’s true. 2017 brought me amazing insight into my career as a writer. I have had this blog up and running since 2013 when I took a digital media class my sophomore year of… Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions

Creative Writing

Excerpt 5, “My Son is Missing”

I finally got out of that place. It has been way too long. I was released for showing “improvement” and “proving to be stable enough for the community.” Circumstances being I see my doctor 3 times a week and stay away from my ex-husband and his family. That includes my son. Bullshit. I’m going to… Continue reading Excerpt 5, “My Son is Missing”

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Chapter Excerpt #4, “My Son is Missing”

I found him. Finally, after all this time. I see her, with him, my son. My beautiful boy. He’s gotten so big. He has hair just like his dad, curly and bouncy, blonde with a hint of red. He has such little hands; I see as she takes one in hers, and leads him down… Continue reading Chapter Excerpt #4, “My Son is Missing”

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Chapter Excerpt 3, “My Son is Missing”

“You’ll never get me to tell you where he is.” Finally, I made it. I found him. I know he is here. I know she took him. I always knew. Why would no one help me? He was here, in this house, with this woman. This is where he has been all this time. I… Continue reading Chapter Excerpt 3, “My Son is Missing”

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Chapter Excerpt 2, “My Son is Missing”

Squeezing the ketchup from the bottle, Sam remembered that her real name was actually Susan. It had been months since she used her real name to introduce herself, and when the waitress asked if her name was Susan, she replied with “No, sorry, my name is Sam,” without any brief hesitation. Since her move 11… Continue reading Chapter Excerpt 2, “My Son is Missing”