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  • English

    So, I have decided to change my college major from Journalism to English and I can’t be more excited. I do not understand why more people aren’t as excited about learning and reading literature as they really should be. To… Read More ›

  • Summer Reading

    Am I the only one that gets excited for the summer solely for the time I’ll have for reading? I hope all my followers have a great summer, and read some great books! Always report back to school with fresh… Read More ›

  • Get Reading!

    100 Amazing Books to Read in a Lifetime- Great resource for book clubs or your own book shelf. –

  • My Blogging Experience (so far)

    With the semester approaching it’s end, my college journalism class  asked it’s students to write a post that summarizes our experiences of becoming  bloggers. First, I’d like to say that I have been wanting to do this since I was a… Read More ›

  • Social Media for Books- Storify

    Okay, so this post is about how Twitter can help you writers. Go to my Storify page to read my post. Enjoy!

  • Book Slideshow

    Okay, so my latest assignment in the college journalism class I am taking asked students to create a slideshow of pictures to tell a story that pertains to their blog topic. I created mine that tells the story of books with… Read More ›

  • Reading and Learning

    To continue off my last post, I want to emphasize on how important reading is for education. The college class I am taking asked students to interview someone that pertains to our blog topics, so I interviewed one of our… Read More ›

  • For the Kids

    I recently read the first book to a series I loved reading as a child. Even though the 80 page book was a quick luxury, I don’t think I will be continuing the series. If you ever want to relive a story… Read More ›

  • The Better Goodreads

    I have been asked to talk about a new app that I think would be useful to my blog topic. Something useful would be a website where readers and writers go to start conversations about what they are reading and what… Read More ›

  • My Twitter Experience

    Today’s post is about Twitter. I recently created a Twitter account as apart of one of the Journalism classes I am taking to make a brand of myself. I must say, I am upset that I didn’t join sooner because… Read More ›

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