Daily Coffee Replacement

Coffee isn’t the healthiest breakfast drink we could have every morning, we all know this. Even though some of us think we couldn’t possibly get up in the morning and function without it, there are healthier alternatives. Coffee is acidic, being bad for our teeth and our gut, and is dehydrating. The nootropic “Rhodiola Rosea” is an herb that helps fight the fatigue we feel when we first get up, can help reduce stress with its natural chemicals, and helps improve cognitive behavior when taken regularly when we feel our least-best, the morning. This nootropic can help you get that energy-kick and can improve your body and mind function better than an over-priced cup of coffee.

Disclaimer: This project was meant to be only 100 words, therefore is only a general view onto what this nootropic can do for your body. Normally I would include a lot more information in an article with a topic like this, but this was only meant to be a blurb.


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