Susan’s Salads

Hunger Strikes, Extra-Long Salad Bar Strikes Back


It’s been a long morning at work. Your boss is yelling, your phone is ringing, that project should have been done days ago and you are tired. You missed breakfast as you ran out the door this morning, trying to make it to work on time. It seems the day isn’t getting better as hunger pangs deep in your stomach. Lunch hour isn’t until 12:00 pm.


Hey, we have been there. But don’t fret, Susan’s Salads has a salad bar as long as your desk- times three.


Can you imagine it?


Your desk, where your keyboard and phone lies, where that unfinished work anticipates more yelling from your boss, Susan’s Salads has three different types of salad bedding; spinach, arugula and romaine, 10 or more vegetable toppings; olives, peppers, onions, mushrooms, broccoli, carrots. The garden bar offers four cheeses, their famous croutons, oils and vinegars and seven delicious salad dressings. I know, you can already taste it.


Everyone loves it. Truly, Susan’s Salads has made the #1 restaurant in your city two years standing. And, the salad bar isn’t left unnoticed, it makes 40% of all sales in a single work-week, over 250 salads a day!


Don’t bother with that vending machine in the office today, don’t eat that old snack bar you have had in your desk for over month, you can’t compromise the hunger you feel now with food that is so undesirable.


The salad bar is calling your name.


Leave your stress and boss at work, and bring your hunger with you to Susan’s Salads today at 11:30 am because you and I both know you’re going to take that lunch break early to jump-start some serious salad eating.



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