Revolutionize Your Artwork, Use a Fountain Pen

As children, we dipped into our creativity with stiff and ugly penmanship in our drawings of farm animals and stories about princesses. In grade school, we were taught how to spell our name and write it out with uncomfortable utensils, and then graded on our ability to write legibly. I could introduce fountain pens as the new technology in handwriting, making you believe that you only grew up this way because of old customs and mechanics, but actually, they aren’t. Fountain pens have been present in the hands of writers and artists for nearly 200 years, making themselves a clear example of “what is older is better,” and here’s how.

Fountain pens, named for their re-fillable ink reservoir, create elegance on the page with their flexible nibs (tips) that can change the thickness and curvature of the lines depending on your preference. They are many different sized nibs and body shapes to choose from when purchasing one, making your writing tool almost completely customized. You become the guide of your own handwriting, making more precise lines and loops, rather than the pen being the negotiator of what you can create.

Ballpoint pens and their straight-edges create tension on your hand while your mind is yearning to draw your letters more freely, making your handwriting (and your hand) tight and stressed. You have to push down harder to make an imprint on the paper while using this pen, whereas fountain pens are generally pressure-free. You will fall in love with the notion of writing by hand again, making it easier to finish your story rather than using the excuse to stop because your hand is cramping.

Ballpoint pens seem like an easier choice when making a purchase, while they are retractable and usually a inexpensive option, but fountain pens and their ink are also easy to come by, can virtually last a lifetime, and don’t come with a price tag that is worth giving-up an aesthetic and professional quality of your artwork. When you put this pen to paper, a pen that is exceedingly specific to your stellar expectations, the caligraphy can truly transform your art, and make the world eager to see more.


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