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Serial Writing

I am starting a new writing series!

For the next few weeks, I will be expanding 1 sentence topics and turning them into short stories to dwell on subjects I have trapped in my head that are hard to get out.

I know I am not the only writer with this issue. I can sit and sit and sit at my laptop all day with a million thoughts in my head, but can’t figure out how to spit them out. I can roll ideas around and around in a circle until I am completely dizzy, but end up with no word count.

It’s confusing.

How many writers use exercises on their website to get through the fog?

I think this will be enlightening. I think that this will really give me a good start to really enhance my habit and form of writing.

I will focus on 1 sentence and draw from it concepts I can focus on and get out of my mind. I constantly think of half sentences or partial plots that I have no idea where to place. Getting out a piece of my idea with 1 sentence is (hopefully) going to string out a whole list of projects I can then grow.

Too often I have let book ideas or topics for profitable articles slip away when I can’t get it out of my brain and onto a stable document, where I can’t get confused and forget it.

When I write for no purpose besides to apply pen to paper, that’s when I see the real depth of my writing concept. I strive to exploit that as much as possible.

Anyway, be ready for some creative posts!

Have any advice or great story-starters? Like and Comment!


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